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What SEO do to your business? SEO explained for a layman.

Which Language does SEO Speak/Understand?

Even after many steps towards digital progress, the very common question people ask me, what exactly is the SEO? Is it posting things on social media? replying to the customers?

What exactly does a digital-marketing guy do, about SEO? If it is all the search engines do for you, why companies are hiring SEO experts? What exactly is the process involved to understand better? whether it is a process predefined or the tactics that are not unique for everyone?

People are saying, even a layman can understand Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” (i.e., E=Mc²) now. but, the general understanding of SEO is getting Complicated because of too many changes in the digital world on a regular basis.

So, in my understanding, I wanted to explain SEO in context to a situation that everyone can relate to.

How to Understand/Relate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Consider a typical carnival in a famous city usually with a crowd of 10,000 – 1,00,000. You are there with your kid, who is fair in color, dressed well, in the yellow shirt, black pant, white shoes, and has long hair.

You were enjoying the fair with your son; the crowd is multiplying fast due to low ticket cost and easy entry into the fair. Moreover, the show got a huge response because of its facilities and entertainment value.

Suddenly, you lost your son’s hand for a while. When you try to find him, you couldn’t because of the existing crowd as well as the increasing crowd every second.

After a long search, finally, you understood that you can’t find him on your own. so you seek the help of the head of the carnival in finding your son.

There, they have a procedure to find the lost kids, as they see similar cases daily. They have the workers who gather all the lost kids in the fair at one place. So, that when someone comes in search of them, they just handover.

As a procedure, the head will ask the details of the kid. The more the details you give, the easier to find the kid.

First, you say, it’s a boy- that would help filter half of the crowd.

Then you tell them about his complexion, the yellow shirt, black pant, white shoes, long hair all these details would help them find your kid easily and effortlessly.

So here, when we compare the situation with the digital world,

  • Digital World – Carnival
  • Your Website – your kid
  • Content – whole Attire of your kid
  • Keywords –clues/features (Complexion, dress, hair, gender, etc.)
  • Search Engine – Head of the Fair

The process to find your lost kid is done only when you know how your kid is looking & how different is your kid from others and how easy your kid to find is. If there are more no. of similar keywords or similar content, the search takes so long.

Have Fear of Losing Your Kid, Before Entering the Carnival!

If you, yourself take so long in finding your own kid, what about others who want to find your website?

Have the fear of losing your kid before entering the carnival, so that you can prepare his attire easily recognizable, with special features / Combination of features that no other kid can have.

Use specific keywords, uncommon content for better search engine optimization before getting into the digital world so that the Search engines can search your website easily!

People are saying, “even a layman can understand Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” (i.e., E=Mc²) now. but, the general understanding of SEO is getting Complicated because of too many changes in the digital world on a regular basis”, which is not true.

The basic purpose of SEO still remains the same even after many decorations to it. The understanding of the core importance of SEO is the only vital part why core companies hire for a separate digital marketing team.

SEO is still the best branding technique that can get you at least 50% of traffic to your website through regular search. Even the other so-called New Marketing Techniques, one way or the other use basic SEO theme with different attire in Branding.

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